About Us

About Us  

Our Mission 

Improving the lives of people with special or unique needs by engaging and advocating for essential community services and supports.



Our Vision
Our vision for the future encompasses a community where the people we serve are recognized and valued as contributing members of their community and are fully integrated into the activities of their communities.  They have a variety of meaningful relationships, hopes, and dreams for the future.


Our Values

These values define the underlying principles which guide our organization in accomplishing our mission.

WE acknowledge the values and diversity of people who participate in our service. 

WE believe everyone is entitled to a non-abusive, safe environment.

WE respect a client's right to confidentiality.

WE respect the informed decisions of people who participate in our services.  We respect their right to choose and decide.

WE believe in providing a range of services which are responsive and accountable to the community.

WE acknowledge ethnic, economic, and cultural differences in our communities.

WE support social growth, development, and advocacy.

WE build our services on the strengths and uniqueness of each client.

WE provide services based on the belief that change is possible.

WE work in partnership with clients to incoroporate their experiences and direction into program planning.

WE deliver services in a collaborative and coordinated manner with our community partners.

Re-affirmed by the Board of Directors on October 28, 2002

Statement of Rights for Persons Served

From time to time we will have highlights around special projects or specific aspects of our services.  It is our hope to keep families informed of any changes to our programs or services offered.   

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