Adult Support Services:
Assisting adults with developmental disabilities living within their community setting (more...)

Intensive Service Coordination for Simcoe County:
Serves children/youth and their families who have complex needs (more...)

Canada Prenatal Nutrition Program (MotherCare): 
The MotherCare Program provides a friendly and supportive drop-in environment for pregnant women and new mothers with babies up to 6 months.  The program is geared toward promoting and encouraging healthy pregnancies.  (more...)

Community Action Program for Children (CAPC) of Simcoe County:
To promote the healthy development of children (0 to 6 years) living with parents (more...)

Crisis Response Coordination Program
The Crisis Response Coordination program supports individuals who are age 18 and older, who have a dual diagnosis, living in Simcoe County, who are experiencing a situational or psychosocial crisis (more...)

Family Resource Services:
Working in partnerships with families who have school aged children with a developmental disability / physical disability

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD):
Through collaborative partnerships with organizations across Simcoe County, the FASD initiative facilitates the coordination of activities to increase awareness of FASD and strategies aimed at prevention, identification and positive supports and services for those affected and their families (more...)

Ontario Autism Program: 

The Ontario Autism Program helps ensure autism services for children and youth are delivered consistently across the province. It allows for flexibility and choice based on each child's needs. (more...)

Passport Program (Direct Funding): 
Passport is a Ministry of Community and Social Services program (more...)

Regional Service Resolution Process:
A variety of supports are available to children, youth and their families in the Province of Ontario. These supports range from very general supports accessible by all to more specialized supports that are aimed at supporting those with exceptional and/or complex needs. For the small number of children, youth and families within the Region who have exceptional or very complex special needs that cannot be addressed by their local service delivery systems, the service resolution process can be accessed (more...)

Respite Care Services:
Providing short term or emergency care for families or individuals

The Wraparound process helps to bring families and community together (more...)


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