Community Action Program for Children

Community Action Program for Children (CAPC)
of Simcoe County

What is CAPC?

The Public Health Agency of Canada's Community Action Program for Children (CAPC) is an exciting, innovative, community based response to a national concern.  It springs from the awareness that communities are best positioned to recognize the needs of their children and have the capacity to draw together the resources to address those needs. 

CAPC encourages early investment in children so that they get a better start in life, are ready to start school, and their chances to participate fully in society as adults are enhanced. 

The project offers a wide variety of programs, such as young Parent Resource Rooms, Supper Clubs and outreach to local high schools to support young parents' continuation in school; Parenting Programs to assist in strengthening parenting skills and the parent-child relationship; Early Learning/Family Literacy Programs to enhance children's school readiness skills; and other programs tailored to meet the needs in each community. 

Simcoe County CAPC strives to improve outcomes for children (prenatal to age 6) living with parents/guardians who are young, have low incomes, are new to Canada and/or socially isolated.  We do this by providing supports and services that enhance, or are in addition to, services available to all families with young children.

CAPC Principles

All of the programs in Simcoe County follow the six CAPC principles.

Children First:
Children are the primary consideration in each CAPC program.

Strengthening & Supporting Families:

All sectors of Canadian society share the responsibility for children by supporting parents as they raise their children.

Equity & Accessibility:

All children are entitled to equal opportunities to develop their potential.

Partnerships & Collaboration:

The capacity of communities to support children and families increases when everyone works together.

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