Intensive Service Coordination

Intensive Service Coordination for Simcoe County


Intensive Service Coordination for Simcoe County provides information, consultation and community case conference facilitation for children/ youth (0-19 years) and their families who require support from health, social and/or educational services because of severe emotional, intellectual, developmental and/or physical needs, and who reside within Simcoe County. There must be two or more diagnosed special needs, requiring an integrated service approach that crosses sectors.  

A referral can be initiated:

-  When all existing Simcoe County supports and services have been exhausted and needs remain unmet

-  When the complexity of the service needs for the child/youth are beyond the capacity of the local service system and family to address

-  When there are identified gaps in an integrated service plan and is not available in Simcoe County

-  When the service delivery system is at an impasse and requires a creative service plan or a case resolution function for extraordinary needs.  

This is when Intensive Service Coordination provides support to children/youth and their families by:

1.  Information sharing:  Providing information which enables families and service providers to make informed decisions

2. Consultation services:  Encourage linkages with our community resources, the coordinator works closely with the community case manager

3. Case Conference Facilitation:  Coordinating services, gathering all relevant information to complete a service plan assessment based on the child's strengths and needs and service involvement history.  An integrated service plan for each child is developed, incorporating the inter-agency service provision and roles.  This could include accessing out of area resources as needed and available.

Area Served

Simcoe County


The family/guardian may telephone directly or a service provider may make a referral with the family's consent.

Intensive Service Coordination offers services in both French and English.

Please contact the Intensive Service Coordination directly for more information. 

Intensive Service Coordination 
  165 Ferris Lane, Barrie, ON L4M 2Y1
Phone: (705) 733-3227 ext. 2294   Fax: (705) 735-6826

Intensive Service Coordination: Introduction

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