Regional Service Resolution Process

Regional Service Resolution Process for Children/Youth with complex needs.

A variety of supports are available to children, youth and their families in the Province of Ontario.  These supports range from very general supports accessible by all to more specialized supports that are aimed at supporting those with exceptional and/or complex needs.  For the small number of children, youth and families within the Region who have exceptional or very complex special needs that cannot be addressed by their local service delivery systems, the service resolution process can be accessed. There are two levels of service within this process:

  1. Service Resolution

The Service Resolution Committee (SRC) is the body through which the regional service resolution process occurs.  The SRC is intended to provide consistent, transparent and equitable decision-making in situations where the needs of the child or youth and family are extensive or of longer duration, and are beyond the resources available in the local community.  A child or youth and family must have gone through the local community intensive service coordination/case coordination process before being able to be referred to the Regional Service Resolution Process.* The SRC reviews the integrated service plans and makes recommendations for enhancements and/or access to resources that will assist in meeting the child/youth and family needs.

  1. Case Management Support

This is a specialized case management function that provides for:  i) monitoring of the implementation of the integrated service plan  ii) ongoing evaluation to ensure that the plan continues to be relevant and in the child’s or youth’s best interest; and iii) accountability for utilization of Complex Care resources.


The Complex Care case management role is premised upon a collaborative working relationship between the practitioner and the child or youth and family. 

Complex Care case managers engage with families and remain in contact with them over the period of time that Complex Care enhanced supports are received.

They will enagage with ongoing planning activities, problem-solving and access to resources as appropriate to meet the child/youth’s needs.


Area Served

Service is provided throughout the Central East Region (CER) of the Ministry of Children and Youth Services.  The CER is comprised of:

  • Simcoe County
  • York Region
  • Durham Region
  • Peterborough County
  • Northumberland County
  • Haliburton County
  • City of Kawartha Lakes

These areas are served through office locations in Simcoe County, Ajax, Newmarket and Peterborough.


* Referrals to Local Intensive Service Coordination/Case Coordination may be made as follows:


Geographic Area

Intensive Service Coordination/Case Coordination Provider


Service Coordination for Children and Youth: Northumberland and Peterborough Counties

285A Aylmer St. N

Peterborough, ON K9J 7M4

705-748-9770, 1-888-880-5777

City of Kawartha Lakes

Children's Services Council
205 McLaughlin Rd. Suite 202
Lindsay, ON K9V 0K7 


Durham Region

Coordination Services for Children and Youth - Durham Region

865 Westney Road South

Ajax, ON L1S 3M4

905-427-7207 ,  1-866-427-7207

York Region

Children's Case Co-ordination for York Region

240 Edward St, Unit 3

Aurora, ON  L4G 3S9

1-866-257-9776, fax 905-898-1171  

Simcoe County

Children’s Case Coordination Services for Simcoe County

165 Ferris Lane,

Barrie, ON L4M2Y1

705-792-5740, 1- 877-803-3227



For other inquires contact:  705-733-3227 or 1-877-803-3227 ext. 2279

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