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Sometimes it is difficult to find the information and resources you need. Catulpa Community Support Services is hosting several virtual information sessions this month to help parents and caregivers find the resources they are looking for.

The Ontario Autism Program (OAP) Family Foundational Services team is presenting  information sessions about Funding Resources and Inclusive Recreation. Both sessions will provide parents and caregivers a wealth of information about resources available to families. Please note that you must have an OAP Registration Number in order to register for these two sessions.

Catulpa community Support Services’ FASD Key Supports and Services presents an information session:
Promoting Healthy Sexuality for People with FASD

The session is for caregivers, pre-adoptive and Adoptive families, kinship and customary care families. The presentation will focus on general information regarding healthy and problematic sexual behaviours and the interface of those with FASD and the criminal justice system. Topics and teaching strategies for supporting healthy sexual behaviours will be discussed. The speaker is Speaker Christa Salmon, from the Centre for Behaviour Health Sciences.

More information about all upcoming information sessions and registration details may be found on the Catulpa Events page.

In addition to the above sessions, CAPC and MotherCare continue to virtually support moms, families and little ones through exciting online programs, live Facebook events and interactive activities. Check them out at https://www.facebook.com/simcoecountycapc

And finally, for daily updates, information and resource links, be sure to follow the Catulpa Community Support Services’ Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/catulpacommunitysupportservices

If you have suggestions for future information session topics, please email us at info@catulpa.on.ca or message us through our Catulpa Facebook page.

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