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About the Program

As of May 2020, all CAPC, Next Step and MotherCare programs and services are being provided virtually. If you are interested in joining one of our programs, we ask you to read our CAPC-CPNP Remote Program Welcome and Consent Letter to learn more about eligibility, the information we require and privacy.

For more information about CAPC, Next Step and MotherCare virtual programs and services, please visit facebook.com/simcoecountycapc

CAPC programs provide fun and inclusive activities to support healthy families. Activities relate to nutrition, health, parenting and child development. CAPC programs help parents recognize the needs of their children, and help them connect to resources that will support those needs, so each child is ready for school and ready to make the best possible start in life.

CAPC programs are offered in multiple locations throughout Simcoe County and offer free nutritious foods and other resources to eligible families. Visit our events calendar for CAPC, Next Step and MotherCare program locations and dates near you. You can also learn more at Simcoe County CAPC CPNC – MotherCare Facebook page.

The CAPC program also offers a wide variety of specific information program sessions. Topics may include Young Parent Supports, Nutrition and Food Skill building, Parenting Programs, and Early Learning/Family Literacy Programs. The information program sessions are tailored to meet the needs of each community. Eligibility for each of the program sessions varies.

We also have programs and work in partnership with other agencies to provide supports needed by people who are new to Canada. You can learn more here.

Read more about CAPC services and programs in our CAPC Information Booklet.

CAPC is a program for Simcoe County families with children under 6 years old, who currently have low income. No referral is needed.
There is no fee for eligible participants for the CAPC program or information program sessions. The program is funded by the Public Health Agency of Canada and the County of Simcoe. It is part of a national prenatal program and is sponsored locally by Catulpa Community Support Services.


For More Information

Additional information about eligibility and programs may be found on Facebook or by calling:

  • Barrie, Innisfil and Angus area: Tel:(705) 733-3227, ext. 2160 or 1-877-803-3227 ext. 2160
  • Bradford and Alliston area: Tel:(905) 775-1498 ext. 2032
  • Collingwood and Wasaga Beach area: Tel:(705) 445-9770 ext. 5230
  • Midland and Penetang area: Tel:(705) 526-2151 ext. 2095
  • Orillia area: Tel:(705) 326-6502 ext. 3103 ext

For general inquiries, please call (705) 733-3227 ext 2236, 1 877-803-3227 ext 2236, or email us at capc@catulpa.on.ca

Feedback about Catulpa Services and Programs

Catulpa Community Support Services is interested in how you feel about your services and programs, whether a compliment or complaint. Your feedback is important since it can help us to improve. Your feedback will never negatively impact any of the services or programs we provide you.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact us.