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who-we-are-communityCatulpa Community Support Services is passionate about connecting with the people we serve and the advocating of essential community services and supports to improve the lives of those with special or unique needs. Understanding what is working well and what can be improved is important to everyone.

Our philosophy is to provide support through partnerships.  We are dedicated to providing services and programs that respond to the social-emotional, developmental and community needs of children, adolescents, families and adults.

We know we make a difference because of the comments we receive. Thank you for your kind words.

Always found that everything we needed was provided. Catulpa has always provided us with excellent timely support from compassionate workers.

Passport provides opportunities for our son to continue to grow and have quality of life and it helps to relieve some stress for us, the caregivers, to see this progress and give us time to ‘recharge’.

What I like best is getting the chance to experience things in life that I would not be able to access without the services I receive.

I love that my sister gets out so much more. She gets to be a part of community and gets to enjoy life as she should like everyone else. She is far happier and has more friends and is able to live life like others.

Learning new things about the upcoming stages of my child’s development. What to expect next.

This service has helped tremendously in moral and emotional support. It is so appreciated, the answers and direction for answers and financially. So grateful.

The staff and supervisor have formed an open communication with each other. My son and I. It is so wonderful there. The neighbors have even accepted the adults well. They are open for any suggestions or ideas. The staff and supervisor reach out to make sure that no crisis occur. If they don’t know, they reach out to each other. I have seen it. Wonderful! * I just wish the government would provide more.

I find the programs and services are great for me to get out in the community.

Sometimes we receive concerns and when that happens, we work hard to resolve the issue. For instance, in our last Survey of Persons Served, this was brought to our attention. The expanded information on our website is a result.

Learn more about Funding and Resource opportunities.

See how people are using Passport Program funding in their community.


Put more information or links to information about how others like me are using their funding on your website. Maybe feature some people with some stories about how they are using their funding and how they’ve grown as a result. List local programs or resources that others find helpful, so that the knowledge can be shared. (Written with support).

If you would like to give us feedback, whether a compliment or a concern, you are welcome to do so by submitting the form.