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Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) Initiative, Key Services and Support Coordination iconFASD INITIATIVE AND KEY SERVICES AND SUPPORT COORDINATION

About the FASD Initiative

The Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) Initiative works to increase prevention, screening, diagnosis and support of FASD within the community and among service providers and families. Members include family members and caregivers as well as other service providers.

It works with many community organizations and service providers to develop a network of informed partners to deliver appropriate care for people and families affected by FASD. It helps to ensure that all programs have culturally relevant FASD information and resources.

Additional FASD resources can be found in our Resource Section under Partner Links. For more information about FASD, visit the Public Health Agency of Canada

FASD Awareness Month Toolkit

September is Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) Awareness Month. As an agency, we will be supporting this important cause by participating in the Red Shoes Rock Campaign, distributing educational material and facilitating meaningful dialogue about FASD. Below, please find our FASD Awareness Month Toolkit, complete with posters, an infographic, a Zoom background, and social media posts for use on your own channels.

FASD Awareness Infographic
FASD Awareness Zoom Background
FASD Word Search
FASD Colouring Page
FASD Awareness Month Launch Post
FASD Awareness Day Reminder Post
FASD Awareness Day Post
What Is FASD Post
No Safe Kind Post
No Safe Amount Post
No Safe Time Post
FASD Statistic #1 Post
FASD Statistic #2 Post
FASD Statistic #3 Post
FASD Statistic #4 Post

Should you require any of the enclosed material in a different file format, kindly contact Communication Manager, Stephanie Rumball at srumball@catulpa.on.ca

About Simcoe County FASD Behaviour Support Services

Simcoe County FASD Behaviour Support Services is for children and adults with a confirmed or suspected diagnosis of FASD. Service is under the guidance of Mackenzie Health’s Centre for Behaviour Health Services, and is for people with FASD, from child to adult. A triage process assesses the use of existing community resources and determines the individual level of service appropriate for the referral. Prior to making a referral, community service providers should connect with the FASD Initiative Lead or a Key Services and Support Worker. See the Referral section below.

The support service provides a range of individual services including:

  • information and community resources links
  • support and coaching
  • direct client services such as behavioural intervention

The Role of the FASD Initiative Project Coordinator

  • Provides FASD expertise, consultation and training for communities, service providers and families
  • Develops and coordinates FASD resources within the community and among service providers
  • Educates communities, service providers and families about behavioral symptoms associated with FASD
  • Provides support to service providers to access assessment services

Mom looking at son doing homework

About FASD Key Services and Support Coordination

The FASD Key Services and Support Coordination Program provides support to Simcoe County and York Region families by ensuring appropriate FASD planning, interventions and supports are put into place to decrease the development of secondary concerns, such as disrupted school experiences, mental health challenges or trouble with the law.

The program provides FASD-informed care supports and promotes the better use of local resources to reduce challenges faced by those with FASD.

The Role of the FASD Key Services and Support Program Worker

  • Provides FASD expertise, consultation and navigation of services for families and service providers
  • Develops, monitors and updates a flexible plan based on assessment, strengths and needs, and the family’s vision, goals and concerns, helping to overcome barriers
  • Works to connect and coordinate services, supports and education resources for families in order to address challenges
  • Coordinates relevant services and other community supports, including health, education, youth justice, community and social services, post-secondary and employment.
  • Coordinates information between relevant service providers for the person or family


If you are involved with a service agency but do not yet have a diagnosis of FASD, assessment can be arranged by speaking with your existing service provider about services that are available. If you are not involved with a service agency, speak with a doctor, community health nurse or community health centre to ask about the FASD assessment process.
There is no fee for eligible children, adults or families for FASD services. Time limited funding for the FASD Initiative has been provided by a range of local Simcoe County Child, Youth and Family services coalition member agencies. The Initiative has also received funding from Ontario Trillium Foundation, Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services, Child Welfare Secretariat, County of Simcoe and Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario with additional support provided by Public Health Agency of Canada.


FASD Initiative
Service providers may contact their agency’s FASD Lead for more information or support. For agencies without a FASD Lead, contact Jacqui Wesselingh, FASD Initiative Project Coordinator, Simcoe County, at jwesselingh@catulpa.on.ca or by calling ( 705)220-0033


FASD Key Services and Support Program
Parents and professionals may call a services navigator at the Children’s Treatment Network ACCESS: 1-866-377-0286 for more information about referral and coordination services under the program.

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