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Ontario Autism Program Family Service Coordination

About the Service

The Ontario Autism Program provides a single point of access in each region to help ensure autism services for children and youth are delivered consistently across the province. It allows for flexibility and choice based on each child’s needs, and gives families confidence in receiving quality services.
Catulpa Community Support Services hosts the Family Service Coordinators within Simcoe County. Referrals are received through the Single Point of Access below.

The Role of the Family Service Coordinator

  • Develops a family service plan based on family-centered decision making. Families are actively engaged in the assessment, goal-setting and intervention planning process for their child
  • The Family Service Coordinator uses a collaborative approach to support the child’s needs at home, in the community, at school and with the child’s behaviour team


Families of a child or youth may self-refer or be referred by a service provider (with consent) to the Single Point of Access. To refer, call 1-888-454-6275 or visit www.kinark.on.ca

This is the Single Point of Access for the program in Durham Region, Haliburton, Kawartha Lakes, Peterborough, Northumberland, Simcoe County and York Region. It is managed by Kinark Child and Family Services, with Ontario Autism Support Workers provided through Catulpa Community Support Services.

Complete information about the program can be found at http://www.children.gov.on.ca/htdocs/English/specialneeds/autism/ontario-autism-program.aspx

Children and youth with a diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder from a qualified professional are eligible for the program up until the age of eighteen. Services are flexible and individualized and are based on need.


The intensity and duration of the services a child or youth receives is based on their needs and strengths, regardless of age. Each child’s service plan will be determined by clinical assessment.

There is no fee for families of eligible children and youth.

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