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Service Planning Coordination iconSERVICE PLANNING COORDINATION

About the Service

The service guides and supports a child with multiple and complex special needs and their family by making a single, coordinated service plan based on what is important to the child, youth and family. A family may use coordinated service planning at various times depending on their needs. This can include such things as approaching a major life transition, moving to a new area or receiving a new diagnosis.

The Service Planning Coordinator (SPC) works with you to identify what is working well and where additional supports may be needed. They begin with a family-centered approach, building on family needs and strengths.

The Role of the Service Planning Coordinator

  • Meet with you and your family.
  • Planning based on the needs of your family so you can access appropriate community resources for your child with special needs.
  • Identifies your goals for your child through development of an Individual Family Service Plan. (ISP)
  • Helps you and your child with transitions such as school or adult services.
  • Provides information regarding alternative funding sources applications.
  • Assists with information regarding school related issues.
  • Assists your family and child’s community advocacy outreach by providing information services,
    education and consultation with other program and service providers.


Referral to the service may come from you or your family, or a professional support person working with your family (with consent). Referral to the service is through Children’s Treatment Network, with Service Planning Coordinators hosted through Catulpa Community Support Services.
To refer, or for more information, contact Children’s Treatment Network at 1-866-377-0286.

Service Planning Coordination helps families link to the services they need. This service may be an option for your family if:

  • Your child with multiple and/or complex special needs is experiencing multiple challenges and requires several specialized services from different sectors (e.g. health, school, rehabilitation, community)
  • You are overwhelmed with multiple providers and various goals and suggestions
  • Your child with special needs has ongoing severe physical and intellectual impairment needs that require the use of technology
  • Your family is experiencing high levels of stress that make it difficult for you to coordinate services on your own
Funding is provided by the Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services. There is no fee to eligible families for this service.

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