Celebration was the focus of the day as CAPC (Community Action Program for Children) celebrated its 25th anniversary of supporting children and families in Simcoe County on Monday, November 5th. The event was attended by more than 150 program participants, community partners and funders with many people acknowledging the importance of the program within the region. 

“Every parent should have access to what they need to adequately care and support their children. Unfortunately this is not the case for many families in our county. As a community-based program, CAPC is able to provide families with a variety of resources and supports.  We do this by working collaboratively with many other service delivery partners and with the families we serve,” said Lesley Watts, Program Manager, Simcoe County CAPC and CPNP Programs, Catulpa Community Support Services.

Quick Facts

  • CAPC is a free children’s program promoting the healthy development of young children from birth to age six.
  • In 2017, CAPC supported over 1500 families in the region, and had over 6500 supportive interactions with children.
  • 83% of families involved with CAPC have an annual income below $25,000, and the majority of these report issues with food insecurity.
  • Programs are held in mulitiple locations throughout the county every week.
  • In Simcoe County, CAPC is hosted by Catulpa Community Support Services and funded by the Public Health Agency of Canada and the County of Simcoe.
  • The Public Health Agency of Canada funds 415 CAPC projects across Canada serving over 223,000 vulnerable children and parents/caregivers in over 3,000 Canadian communities each year.


Do you want to know what CAPC does?

Read about our activities, community partnerships and families in our CAPC Information Booklet!

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Download the CAPC Information Booklet

Free Weekly Programs

Simcoe County CAPC offers free weekly programs at multiple locations around Simcoe County.  Programs are available to pregnant women plus families with children up to six years old who currently have a low income, are teenage/ young parents and/ or are new to Canada. Resources include access to healthy food, prenatal vitamins, nutrition information, activities for young children, and connections to service providers in the community.

Program Participants, Community Supporters and Partner Agencies 


Cake cutting participants: Left to Right: Doug Downey, Ryan Sallech, Andrea Kanjin, Ann Reid, Kimberly Greenwood, Lesley Watts

Chief Kimberly Greenwood, Chair of Child, Youth and Family Services Coalition of Simcoe County spoke about the impact collaboration makes when providing needed services to families and children, and Andrea Khanjin, MPP Barrie – Innisfil voiced her appreciation for the work of CAPC and the number of families it supports. Past participants of the program told the audience just how the program has made a difference to their families.

Also attending was Ryan Sallech, representing John Brassard, Barrie-Innisfil MP, and Doug Downey, Barrie-Springwater-Oro-Medonte MPP who noted, “We are extremely fortunate to have CAPC as part of our community. The programs and sessions are a valuable local resource. He went on to thank CAPC  “for your dedication and commitment to families, who can count on you for support and education throughout their own individual, unique and diverse journeys.”

More information about local programs, including CAPC, MotherCare and Next Step can be found in Catulpa programs and services or https://www.facebook.com/simcoecountycapc/

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