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Are you looking for CAPC, MotherCare or Next Step programs and services for you and your family? Want to join together with a community of other families during a difficult time of social isolation? We can help!

All CAPC, Next Step and MotherCare programs and services are now being provided virtually. If you are interested in joining one of our programs, we ask you to read our CAPC-CPNP Remote Program Welcome and Consent Letter to learn more about eligibility, the information we require and privacy. For information about CAPC, Next Step and MotherCare programs and services, please visit our Programs and Services Section.

The Virtual CAPC Schedule is:
Orillia Virtual CAPC – Tuesday at 10
Midland Virtual CAPC – Wednesday at 10
Bradford Virtual CAPC – Wednesday at 11
Barrie Virtual CAPC – Thursday at 10
Collingwood Virtual CAPC – Thursday at 11
For information about our virtual events, please visit facebook.com/simcoecountycapc

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