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This is such a time of unsettling change, isn’t it? Everything has shifted in so many ways for each of us.

There have been many changes within Catulpa in the past three months. In March of this year, in response to the spreading COVID-19 pandemic, Catulpa implemented its Agency Emergency Response – Pandemic Plan. The plan saw:

  • Catulpa’s entire work force begin to work from locations outside of regular office sites, isolating from each other to ensure the continuity of our services.
  • Adaptions of all programs and services so we could continue to provide everyone the support and resources they needed during this period.
  • All face-to-face meetings were replaced with video-conferences, telephone calls and emails, dependent upon the preferences of individuals and families.
  • The constant gathering and sharing of community, mental health and government resources from far and wide with individuals and families, and on Catulpa website’s Partner Links page and our Catulpa and CAPC Facebook pages.
  • The CAPC program, usually held in groups at locations across Simcoe County, switched to providing virtual programming and resources on their Facebook page.

While the changes have been necessary to ensure everyone’s safety, we realize they have been difficult for some of our individuals and families. Social isolation and changes in routines are hard for everyone, but especially for those living with other challenges.

We are here to help. Catulpa has been, and will continue to be, with you and your family on this journey. We are committed to:

  • Connecting with you regularly;
  • Connecting you to community or emergency resources if you need them;
  • Connecting with you to help with COVID-19 caregiver planning needs;
  • Connecting with residential care providers, assisting them with their pandemic planning and personal protective equipment needs;
  • Connecting with the Ministry to address ongoing changes and planning, and
  • Connecting with other agencies and service providers, all of us working together to come up with creative solutions to ensure you have the services and resources needed.

We encourage you to reach out to your worker or case manager if you need support in addition to what you receive during normal times. We will do our best to help you. We will also provide updates as things begin to change in response to the gradual lifting of restrictions. In the meantime, please stay positive and stay healthy.

We look forward to when we can again see each other in person.

Take care,
Everyone at Catulpa Community Support Services

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