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PassportONE is currently experiencing longer than normal times for the processing of invoices for payment through the Passport funding program. In some cases, it is taking up to several weeks for claims to be paid. Catulpa Community Support Services recognize this is a difficult challenge for some families and is working with the Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services and the Passport Program as they work to respond.

Be assured that all eligible previously submitted claims are being paid. Do not re-submit any invoices already sent to PassportONE as this may cause a further delay in your payments.

If you have questions about the status of your Passport funding or any outstanding invoice claim, you can contact Catulpa Community Support Services and we will be pleased to assist you. Due to the volume of inquiries, it may take up to five business days before we can return your call.  If there is a question or missing information about a previously submitted claim, we will contact you so that your claim form can be processed correctly by PassportONE.

For more information about each part of the PassportONE submission and payment process, and forms, please see the video links below. If you wish to contact Catulpa Community Support Services:

If your last name begins with letter A through H, please contact Katherine Marman at 705-733-3227 x2104, or at kmarman@catulpa.on.ca


If your last name begins with letter I through Z, please contact Lisa Teske at 705-733-3227 x2241, or at lteske@catulpa.on.ca

PassportONE Information Videos

For your information, here are several PassportONE information videos to assist you. Catulpa Community Support Services staff members are also available to help if you have questions.

1. Introduction (1:24)

2. Eligible & Ineligible Expenses (3:14)

3. Self-Administered Fund (0:57)

4. Person Managing Funds Form (2:40)

5. Payee Form (2:21)

6. Purchase of Service Invoice Form (6:19)

7. Support Workers Registration Form (1:51)

8. TPA Form (4:14)

9. Brokerage Form (1:40)

10. FAQ (2:39)

11. About Info Package (3:01)

PassportONE Background

PassportONE was created by the Ontario government and Passport agencies to improve the Passport Service experience by making invoice processing and reimbursements faster and more efficient. This new approach to Passport payment processing includes consolidating the back office financial functions associated with Passport into a newly created agency called PassportONE. Your local Passport agency, in this case, Catulpa Community Support Services, continues to be your point of contact for the Passport program. However, with the implementation of PassportONE, all invoices and receipts submitted for reimbursement are sent directly to PassportONE for payment.

Families can also take advantage of MyDirectPlan (MDP). MDP is an online expense management application designed to help you manage your direct funding. When PassportONE processes your Passport payments, the MDP application will automatically file your invoice electronically with PassportONE. The MDP application is free for all Passport clients and can be accessed by going to MyDirectPlan.com.

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