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By working as partners to enhance services and supports, we strengthen each person and family, our community and our agency. By working as partners, we can all accomplish so much.


Thank you for your compliments and suggestions. We value you taking the time to provide your feedback.  Catulpa Community Support Services

2018 was an interesting year

After a tremendous number of responses to our survey in 2017, the number of respondents dropped in 2018, but results still showed the majority of people and families were satisfied or very satisfied with the services and supports being provided by Catulpa Community Support Services. And even though fewer people responded, we learned a lot that we plan to use to make our services even better.

Two questions garnering insightful replies were…

What do you like best about your program or service?

We have been involved with Catulpa for 16 years. All of the workers that we have been involved with during this time have always been considerate and helpful. When we asked questions, we never felt we were responded to in a condescending way. We are very thankful for all of the help we have been give by Catulpa over the years. Catulpa has given us a feeling of security that we were not alone in this journey.

My (worker) is a take charge and get things done worker – highly trained, professional and knowledgeable.

It is beneficial to my well-being and my child’s overall quality of life.

Support. Brainstorming possible problem solving. Goal accomplishment. Looking back at achievements and strides made through supported goals and ideas.

Respite allows me to have some time to myself, to do necessary things without having to constantly bring my son to things…he will not enjoy. This helps reduce his behavioural issues an helps me to do what I have to do without being stressed out.

I was very scared when I found out I am pregnant. Coming here has helped me to be less scared. The information is so helpful and the staff are so caring. I leave feeling much calmer than when I came.

My thoughts are respected and acted upon.

Any suggestions for improvement?

Working with community partners to find suitable options for respite for higher functioning youth who still require behaviour management social skills development and mental health support.

I wish there was more support after the age of 18.

On-line information of housing availability for person with special needs for the family, if they would like to re-locate their family member closer to home.

The province is in need of more facilities for hard to serve children. Catulpa has worked hard to secure funds and facilities but there is just nothing much our there for my child.

Feedback, comments, compliments and ideas are always welcome. You can contact us at anytime by email: info@catulpa.on.ca or by calling 705-733-3227 or 1-877-803-3227.

2017 Survey of Persons Served

Questions and Responses

Q1. What language do you wish to use to complete this survey? Quelle langue vous souhaitez utiliser pour remplir ce questionnaire ?
Answer ChoicesReponses (% | No. of respondents)
English100.00% | 450
Français0 | 0
Total Respondents: 450
Q2. What program or services do you use? Please check all that apply.
Answer ChoicesResponses (% | No. of respondents)
CAPC (Community Action Program for Children)23.69% | 104
MotherCare (Canada Prenatal Nutrition Program)17.31 % | 76
APSW (Adult Protective Service Worker Program)8.43% | 37
TAY (Transitional Aged Youth)2.28% | 10
Crisis Response Network Coordinator2.05% | 9
Passport Program37.81% | 166
Family Resource Program5.92% | 26
Resource Teacher Program6.83% | 30
Regional Complex Care Program6.61% | 29
Children's Respite Program9.11% | 40
Adult Respite Program12.07% | 5
WrapAround Program0.68% | 3
Intensive Service Coordination1.59% | 7
Total Respondents: 439
Q3. What area do you live in or closest to?
Answer ChoicesResponses (% | No. of respondents)
Barrie27.13% | 118
Orillia28.05% | 122
Lindsay0.46% | 2
Peterborough0.46% | 2
Midland12.64% | 55
Collingwood13.56% | 59
Whitby0.92% | 4
Newmarket2.99% | 13
Alliston9.43% | 41
Bradford4.37% | 19
Total Respondents: 435
Q4. Are you happy with your Catulpa / CAPC program or service?
AlwaysMost of the timeSome of the timeNeverTotalWeighted Average
Program/Service Satisfaction75.12% | 32321.40% | 923.26% | 140.23% | 14301.29
Q5. Would you recommend your Catulpa / CAPC program or service to other people?
AlwaysMost of the timeSome of the timeNeverTotalWeighted Average
Program/Service Recommendation83.99% | 36212.76% | 551.86% | 81.39% | 64311.21
Q6. Do you know that you can ask questions and give comments about your program or service by:
Talking to your program staff worker95.78% | 4094.22% | 18427
Visiting the Catulpa website page70.83% | 28929.17% | 119408
Visiting the Catulpa or CAPC Facebook page60.50% | 24239.50% | 158400
Calling Catulpa by telephone88.68% | 37611.32% | 48424
Using a feedback from from your local site or office67.82% | 27432.18% | 130404
Q7. Does someone call you within two business days after you contact us with a concern or question about your program or service?
Answer ChoicesResponses
Yes66.98% | 288
No2.09% | 9
I have never had to contact anyone about my program or service30.93% | 133
Total Respondents: 430
Q8. Does your program or service give you information that is:
AlwaysMost of the timeSome of the timeNeverTotal
Easy to understand70.89% | 30224.65% | 1053.29% |141.17% | 5426
Useful to you72.60% | 31023.89% | 1023.04% | 130.47% | 2427
Shared with you in a way you like to learn (talking, showing, written)78.64% | 33518.08% | 772.58% | 110.70% | 3426
Shared with you in a place you feel comfortable (home, community, childcare)83.73% | 35013.16% | 552.39% | 100.72% | 3418
Q9. My program or service helps me and / or my family by:
AlwaysMost of the timeSome of the timeNeverTotal
Supporting my plans to reach my chosen/identified goals in life68.66% | 28723.44% | 985.74% | 242.15% | 9418
Building my confidence through the learning of new personal skills65.95% | 27519.66% | 8210.55% | 443.84% | 16417
Encouraging me to speak up about my/our needs70.41% | 29519.33% | 818.11% | 342.15% | 9419
Q10. My staff worker:
AlwaysMost of the timeSome of the timeNeverTotal
Listens to me86.27% | 3589.16% | 383.13% | 131.45% | 6415
Respects my opinions87.29% | 3649.35% | 391.92% | 81.44% | 6417
Is skilled at providing my service or program83.73% | 35011.96% | 502.87% | 121.44% | 6418
Helps me if I need information about other community services or supports80.96% | 33614.22% | 592.89% | 121.93% | 8415
Q11. Do you have an idea to help improve your program or service? Please choose one program or service. You will have the opportunity to comment on another program or service if you wish.
Answer ChoicesResponses
I don't have an idea to improve my program or service65.92% | 265
CAPC (Community Action Program for Children)7.21% | 29
APSW (Adult Protective Service Worker Program)1.24% | 5
TAY (Transitional Aged Youth)0.50% | 2
Crisis Response Network Coordinator0.25% | 1
Passport Program14.43% | 58
Family Resource Program1.24% | 5
Resource Teacher Program1.24% | 5
Regional Complex Care Program1.24% | 5
Children's Respite Program1.00% | 4
Adult Respite Program2.74% | 11
WrapAround Program0.25% | 1
MotherCare (Canada Prenatal Nutrition Program2.24% | 9
Intensive Service Coordination0.50% | 2
Total Respondents: 402

#My idea is:
1I have zero things that can improve the program. It's great.
2We wish Dads could come sometimes.
3More outdoor play.
4Have people more involved in making the food.
5None, they are amazing.
6Help improving children's ability to interact with people.
7Have been very happy with all the services Catulpa have given my family.
8I am very satisfied with my services.
9Making more programs available for people living at home.
10I am frustrated to be waiting 4+ years for more funding. I CANNOT manage on the little funding I have. Passport should be based on family income!
11I think some recipients of this program may not have the funds or family to pay for extras for them. It would be nice to see some of the money be allotted to the recipients for social activities like movies, bowling etc. Now it only pays for the worker and we are so grateful for them but it would be nice to see some money for the recipients as well to do more.
12Allow us to discuss what snacks we would like to try out. Allow outside drinks.
13I felt frustrated answering this because I really don't connect at all except for funding. My worker is awesome. Maybe I need to connect more.
14More information about meals for full daily nutrition for all ages.
15I am happy.
16Not to end these programs, I am told over and over that these programs and supports are going to end. Why, life does not.
17Love it.
18There is no direct relationship between the Passport office and my son.
19Everything is going well and services are tailored to my interest/goals etc.
20Day Program for high functioning young adults.
21I'd like to keep everything the same as it has been since I have started with this program.
22Could one of the first questions be are you filling this survey out on behave of someone else who cannot.
23Worker to call and be more punctual.
24Not at this time. All supports and programs are based on government funding and distribution so increased funding would certainly enhance the programs. I know that lack of funding continues to put limits on everything.
25Happy with all services.
26We receive Passport funding which is wonderful however need a worker to go out with xxx.
27We receive Passport funding which is wonderful however need a worker to go out with xxx.
28Shorter waiting list for programs/activities/supports. Employment support program - do not kick people out of the program because they have been in it too long unless there is something as good to replace it. This caused undo stress on everyone and hurt his confidence. Offer courses (even short ones) into the Day Programs to teach and give a sense of purpose instead of just doing group activities like visiting stores/malls etc. Thank you.
29I find the programs and services are great for me to get out in the community.
30I don't believe there is anything that hasn't been put in place by CSSS and it's level of service. If not in place, anyone driving should have the means to check their voicemail from where they are.
31My son is at xxx,xxx. I hope all staff and manager are like what my son HAS.
32Have more workers for clients. Need more financial support from the community/ministry for hiring and more programs for clients. NOTE: SCS should provide the same survey to their clients.
33This service has helped tremendously in moral and emotional support. It is so appreciated, the answers and direction for answers and financially. So grateful.
34Very happy with everything!
35Keep things the same for now.
36More predictability recording funding amount year to year.
37More funding.
38Allocate $'s & allow to use for programs/activities up front. Too long for reimbursement. Recruit/advertise for more workers.
39xxx only $800.00 - used 350.00 but you wouldn't reimburse us. Foster children we had get 7000.00 and already have everything such as programs and respite in place. xxx has never had any money for program or respite. I phoned a year to let you know she moved to xxx. Asked how to get passport for her and you were of no help. We are retired parents live on our pensions but have to pay all xxxx programs etc. It's a crime how parents are treated!
40Always found that everything we needed was provided. Catulpa has always provided us with excellent timely support from compassionate workers.
41No Just keep doing the good work that helps families like ours.
42Funding provided but services are not available for purchase - space at Community living not available - absolutely no out of house respite available - trying to find workers outside of Barrie.
43My daughter uses the Adult Respite program periodically. Is a day long situation mostly. This survey seems to require answers from the client themselves. We have always been satisfied with what we request in services.
44Still in school.
45I have never inquired about other services or supports however as my husband and I are aging we are in a position now to find out what our next step to take regarding xxx's care.
46The program should also focus on supporting a small part time job. Job opportunities support.
47Open forums to present in person information on programs and services and opportunity for Questions and Answers.
48Please stop gift card days. The amount you can get is not enough and the milk coupons really help.
49Offer Passport to more people.
50Increase the funding in order to improve our daughter's continuing progress.
51CLH staff assist me when needed. It allows me to receive $800 yearly to use to attend camp. I think this is an amazing opportunity. Possibly more dollars for more community opportunities since I do not have passport.
52Tottenham House
53It would be a great help if staff could drive clients when needed.
54More time for the program and more days.
55I would like different topics talk about.
56We are happy with the way things are now.
57A longer program. I feel it is rushed as it's only 1.5 hours long.
58It allows me to receive $800 yearly and use to attend camp. I think this is an amazing opportunity. Possibly more dollars for more community opportunities since I do not have Passport.
59More recipes.
60I would love some more help in finding programs for xxx. I basically rely on other parents to help me in what is available for xxx & what I can use funding for. Never been contacted by a staff to ask if I need help. Just called to inform me that I had some funding.
61It's perfect!
62More community supports to visit. (pediatrician, sleep consultant, massage: mothers and infant) Professionals that we may not see otherwise.
63More sign language.
64Extend Next Step past 36 months.
65As a parent I would like more information about other community services and supports available. Information regarding programs, who they would benefit. Definitions regarding first page of survey.
66Love the variety of snacks, but sometimes simple is better.
67I like everything there is.
68More than once per week.
69More tips for breastfeeding and getting involved in more programs for my needs and my baby.
70Have a picnic for fun.
71Parental Respite.
72As an aging single parent I believe I would need additional funding in regards to respite in the event of a medical or personal emergency with myself. I don't feel I would have the funding to support him in my absence.
73Post more. Lots of people have no idea about the program.
74An idea to improve the Passport Program would be if the funding was a little more flexible to people's needs.
75xxx is very informative and helpful.
76Waiting list are years for funding (7 yrs so far). I am still on a funding waiting list for many years and programs for special needs adults are very expensive. I appreciate what I do get but look forward to more funding now that she is out of school. The programs are great, just expensive.
77I get to do stuff that I like.
78I can choose which Programs I want and also who I want to support me.
79Advertise on commericals, tv, radio and flyer in newspaper or at other community programs.
80To maybe be more on top of rotating who helps the food worker. Some participants get too comfortable knowing the same moms are going to help.
81I sit on the advierey and everything is always listened to as its the most important. The park activities and YMCA trips are great for children and parents.
82In the past any ideas I have had have been put into place.
83Making sure no one in the group goes out and talks about anything said in the group!
84More one to one time with staff depending on needs of baby/infant
85I would love it if Next Step was later in the day.
86Can't think of anything off hand. We are very happy with the program/services so far.
87Please bring back the fruit and veggies along with the milk voucher.
88Early times.
89More of the same stuff.
90Keep up the good work.
91The lady who helps make the recipes should have them memorized so when she is explaining them she will be less flustered.
92No, perfect the way it is.
93Get good advice.
94More promotion, social media posts and such.
95More promotion around the community for MotherCare
96Not host it in a walk in clinic would help the health of baby. More print outs on topics talked about to take home.
97Offering the fruits and veggies resources to older children.
98Do not change my worker again. Natasha helps me very much.
99Programs and funding easier to understand Programs so that the child can use the funds for them.
100More respite time other than 3 hours at the YMCA 2-3x/ month.
101Perfect just the way it is. Never had any issues.
102It was better when my worker was able to provide transportation, I would like help to arrange transportation that is easy, convenient and inexpensive It would be nice to have coffee with my worker from time to time.
103I guess my issues do not really reflect on Catulpa, it's more at the Ministry level. The Passport system is flawed, and hopelessly underfunded. So many people on waiting lists, or on month-to-month "emergency" funding. It's quite unfairly assigned by the ministry. I'm sure you know all this and more. Catulpa and it's wonderful people have done a wonderful job of administering this poorly planned program.
104Put more information or links to information about how others like me are using their funding on your website. Maybe feature some people with some stories about how they are using their funding and how they've grown as a result. List local programs or resources that others find helpful, so that the knowledge can be shared. (Written with support).
105Passport funding should be tied to rate of inflation.
106Help to purchase items for own room. (bed)
107More programs geared towards arts and crafts with my age group.
108MY staff Worker - CLASS - do not have an individual. Live at home with parents.
109I have been dealing with y our services for going on 3 years, started with xxx then xxx now xxx. She is so awesome and has been of major help to my son and our family!!!
110New to the community. Have not yet had to seek information about other services.
111Maybe save the money if you want. I wish it would pay for trips.
112Invoices - sometimes wait is too long for reimbursement. Workers do not like 30 days wait to get paid. On or around March 31 perhaps a temporary clerk could be hired to help process invoices. I have send invoices 1 March. It is April 20 and I still have not received any monies owing.
113I'm happy as the way things are going.
114I find the program easy to understand and use and if I have any questions or concerns I call in and the staff is always willing to help me with any questions I have.
115Are there Adult Services for individuals with intellectual delays locally besides SCS day program and Passport? Residential is clearly not an option. What are older parents to do to plan for their adult child in the future to avoid becoming a crisis? Support in this area is needed by many!
116Give us more money.
117I use workers find limited funds so do not use this service a lot.
118Is there any way (online etc) to get balances of accounts without calling? (As in Catulpa's website have a spot you would put in your client# to check for balances or misc. items.)
119We always use the Passport service for our son and have been for some time so don't get very involved otherwise to give much input but for what I see it does well and helps a lot of people.
120I think somehow a service needs to be provided to help caregivers of people with mental challenges and alzhiemers. Waiting for an appointment regarding increased funding a year now and brother isn't getting any better. Need a solution so I can get out and not leave him alone.
121We need supports and services in the Bradford area and Passport funding for adults who have been waiting. Need a day program in Bradford not just fee for service program and no funds to support it. I know this applies to the govt funding so may not apply to this program.
122xxx just completed a work experience program. This was a really good experience for him and he enjoyed it. The results of this experience was that he didn't work fast enough and therefore no position was offered to him. Are there follow up courses or any follow up to help him gain employment?
123Christian Horizons
124Passport - funding provider over 5 yrs., but no cost of living adjustment for example worker paid $15/hr. -6-7 years. Now a worker needs $20/hr to be committed. (A nanny is now at $15/hr and this is a more skilled job). This would be helpful to keeping workers.
125A quarterly discussion on how things are going.
126It enables me to get some much needed respite when I need it.
127Not sure what is out there or what can be done.
128The system of invoicing and reimbursement is very time consuming and cumbersome for both the client and the agency. I think a system where the client is given an account with the year's funds and a debit card with a monthly limit which the client can draw upon would be a much more efficient system. Just keeping track of expenditures/invoices quarterly to make sure there isn't a problem.
129More funding would be helpful.
130Have a hard time understanding the DSO purpose of having to be notified and giving them personal information
131Would like to sit down and talk about passport program more with my APSW.
132The funding is inadequate given the scope of what I, as his parent have to do for an adult child, living in my home and needing complete care and complete supervision.
133Getting more information out to let families know that respite is available to them, as well as other programs. PS - also send forms for receipts for the whole year and a few extra, for those that don't have a printer.
134Always what I expect.
135I would like it if the Passport Program could cover more activities. The Passport funding use to cover a lot more things a few years back, but now funding coverage is very limited and it leaves little opportunity to spend all my funding allowed each year. Passport covered a lot more things in the community before. I enjoy armwrestling and the Passport funding does not cover my tournaments fees, hotel stay and food for my armwrestling, which can be quite pricy. Having more opportunities to spend my Passport funding would be very helpful for my future goals.
136I really enjoy my passport program, but I feel that I could get more out of the program, if more services could be covered through passport funding.
137The Passport Program is a terrific program and it is working well for us.
138I wish to introduce the program other than the Simcoe County area. So people can receive more support.
139Very pleased with Catulpa. Worker is always available.
140Not at all. Your program is amazing and very helpful!! I have suggested this program to a few parents looking for extra help with their children.
141I just would like to see the programs be better advertised to the public. I hAve met many parents who would really benefit from your programs but didn't know they existed. I know how lucky our family is because someone forwarded us to your services. We wouldn't have succeeded without the amazing support.
142Clear page format goals shared on paper prior to achieving goals to client. In hard copy for client to recognize achievement goals.
143Everything is perfect!
144I would like to have consistency with my resource worker, as there has been too many changes in staff turnaround. Is it possible to have one worker for longer time period - more personal.
145No idea, service is fantastic.
146No it's been very helpful and has helped out a lot.
147A written brochure detailing what the program is about so that families are aware of how it should help their loved one with the complex need. Thereby, alleviate stress as families are already going through a lot of challenges.
148Would be very helpful is Catulpa had list of available daytime services/programs available in the client's area for affected Adults, that would possibly be suitable for that client to participate in. "Day programming with "flexible scheduling" for Adults with severe Autism are hard to come by.
149Think of a more individualized approach. No child is one size fits all.
150Instead of offering speech therapy for 5 sessions and then cutting the child off when they're just starting to feel comfortable with the worker, let them have as many sessions as they need to make some progress.
151My child does not follow under their description of what needs are for respite. I am struggling at home with a child who has a disability, but not one that classifies him to get respite. He must have either a intellectual or physical disability. He has neither. I use your resource teacher program and have all paperwork from doctors stating his issues are rare and don't even have a name. You deny me services. I would like you to accept people that have needs that can be vouched for by the actual resource teacher and DOCTORS! They can determine who needs the services. My son has a developmental delay.
152I don't want my child to lose their services when they enter school... I am very worried about the transition to school and the potential drop in services.
Q12. If you would like to share another idea to improve a program or service you use, please do so here.
Answer choicesResponses
MotherCare (Canada Prenatal Nutrition Program)20.69% | 6
CAPC (Community Action Program for Children)10.34% | 3
APSW (Adult Protective Service Worker Program)6.90% | 2
TAY (Transitional Aged Youth)0.00% | 0
Crisis Response Network Coordinator0.00% | 0
Passport Program37.93% | 11
Family Resource Program6.90% | 2
Resource Teacher Program0.00% | 0
Regional Complex Care Program6.90% | 2
Children's Respite Program0.00% | 0
Adult Respite Program13.79% | 4
WrapAround Program3.45% | 0
Intensive Service Coordination0.00% | 0
Total Respondents: 29

#My idea is:
1Question, was not made aware of all the programs and how they interact, or how they can be optimized.
2Funding to be able to go out and participate in the community.
3$ Passport
4We got to go out and really enjoy ourselves and do things different and best of all make new friends. Mom and Dad are so happy that xxx is in this program.
5Communication and tips provided.
6Friendly good advice.
7Everyone is so kind and supportive.
8Provides needed help for my daughter. Let's her get in her community through a day program, gym program which she loves. She loves being out and about with her friends. Thank you.
9Bring back the veggies and milk voucher.
10More of the same stuff.
11Keep up the good work.
12No, it's perfect the way it is.
13Extra help during pregnancy. Resources and free food.
14I want to have a worker that I can get along with really well, and who I can trust in good times and bad times. I would like to have a worker I can call in an emergency.
15Being able to attain respite when I am in need of it.
16Call me lazy but love that they changed how the system works and way less paper work now which I'm sure everyone loves.
17xxx likes that he picks the activities.
18The flexibility to hire our own staff and develop the program that suits our personal goals of growth and our family schedule.
19Passport provides opportunities for our son to continue to grow and have quality of life and it helps to relieve some stress for us, the caregivers, to see this progress and give us time to "recharge".
20More funding would be helpful.
21I don't even know if there is an adult respite program in my area. No one has ever suggested that I look into that or helped me look into it to get more respite for my family.
22Program is working well.
23I wish that new medication are in the market in USA for my son condition . FDA approved in USA but it is not approved in Canada. I wish we have to encourage the government to approve and release the medication as soon as possible. The med name is xxx.
24Not at all. Your program is amazing and very helpful!! I have suggested this program to a few parents looking for extra help with their children.
25Achieving goals and being made aware of goals to achieve.
26Passport program funding needs to increase, to sufficiently cover the cost for adults services.
27Affordable Adult Day programs.
28Think outside the box. Use common sense.
Q13. What do you like best about being part of your program or service? You will have the chance to tell us about another program or service if you wish.
Answer choicesResponses

I don't have a comment about my program or service.
34.72% | 142
MotherCare (Canada Prenatal Nutrition Program)6.85% | 28
APSW (Adult Protective Service Worker Program)7.58% | 31
TAY (Transitional Aged Youth)0.24% | 1
Crisis Response Network Coordinator0.24% | 1
Passport23.47% | 96
Family Resource Program2.69% | 11
Resource Teacher Program2.44% | 10
Regional Complex Care Program1.22% | 5
Children's Respite Program2.69% | 11
Adult Respite Program2.93% | 12
WrapAround Program0.49% | 2
CAPC (Community Action Plan for Children)14.43% | 59
Intensive Service Coordination0.00% | 0
Total Respondents: 409

1How helpful it is.
2Meeting other moms -getting help with food and cooking tips -Getting info on programs around town.
4Getting out of the house and having adult time. Getting the kids to know others.
5It's great to get out of the house.
6The social aspect. I get to talk.
7Always very supportive staff.
8Its always informative and they are always approachable with problems and do not judge. Always non-judgemental.
9Yes I do.
10Staff are excellent. Always there to listen, understand, support and follow through to make things happen when possible.
11It always provides helpful tips, shows me resources in community. Also the funding helps me pay for my cabs and bus to get to my job.
12Learning on an on-going basis. Helping with events and activities. Being able to be independent. Help with remaining at home. Help with transportation.
13CLASS - I like that I am supported to achieve my goals.
14Having in home respite available.
15Passports follow up to help me after I called them,
16I love that my sister gets out so much more. She gets to be a part of community and gets to enjoy life as she should like everyone else. She is far happier and has more friends and is able to live life like others.
17Honestly these ladies do a great job!
18Get $ for respite and for activities for my son.
19Friends and snacks.
20Ability to help me afford outings that I could not otherwise participate in.
21I really enjoy the milk vouchers and food.
22What I like best is getting the chance to experience things in life that I would not be able to access without the services I receive.
23A very big sense of community and a place to share and learn.
24Connecting with the other moms. Non-judgmental feel of the program. Helps to reduce my anxiety. Great social time for my children.
25The socialization for my child.
26What I like best is being able to experience new things in life.
27I have help.
28Gives me a chance to do things I could not do before.
29Help is always there when needed.
30Passport funding gives my son the opportunity to attend hockey games, concerts, ballgames. All aspects of community living which he wouldn't get with me. Plus it gives me time to myself.
31I am able to go out with my worker and do things I want to do.
32Totally love and need it. (Day Program)
33Adult Day Program Having funds so somebody can take me on outings, socializing and my peers. Activities/enjoy.
34Talking to me. Does not judge me.
35Passports seems to be well administered. The staff are always responsive and communicate well. They process payments quickly except for year end when there are understandable delays.
36Support and direction when asked for.
38Opportunities to be part of the community.
39Provides funding to get involved with lots of activities. However needs to be increased. Cost of programs, activities getting very expensive.
40What I like best about the Passport Program is that it gives me/other people the opportunity to get out there and meet people and also to do the things you like or love doing.
41It enables our child (adult) to be more active in the community and able to take holidays with a respite worker.
42It helps me be more active in the community. Helps me have support to do activities I couldn't do alone.
43Respect, supportive, keeps confidentially goes to extreme lengths support kind. Thank you! Thank you!! Thank you!!!
44I like getting out in my community and being able to enjoy events, movies, socialization and keeping active. My safety is number one and requires individual support. This program helps me realize some of my goals. (written by mother)
45Going out with Passport Worker.
46Accessing the community.
47Funding is great and helpful however as stated some help with a worker is greatly needed.
48Funding is great and helpful however as stated some help with a worker is greatly needed.
49Money for workers to enable community participation. Money for tickets/events etc I couldn't afford. The Staff in Day Program are wonderful. They are caring, non judgmental and very understanding.
50They always respect my situation.
51Passport funding is great for me to have help in the community and support for me in my life to live a very normal life as possible with my disability.
52Enables me to be more active in the community and events I enjoy participating in.
53I never need to stress myself about connection. If I contact the wrong person that person always take the time to reconnect me. I am overwhelmed for the help for me and my sister! Since no driving, no car and my health deteriorating. Can't even go out with her. One suggestion - Last year the patient was allowed to claim lunch receipts. Not so this year. WHY? If she was not going out with her worker she would not need to spend as much of her money! The Worker is covered for meals!
54Quality of life. Social.
55The staff and supervisor have formed an open communication with each other. My son and I. It is so wonderful there. The neighbors have even accepted the adults well. They are open for any suggestions or ideas. The staff and supervisor reach out to make sure that no crisis occur. If they don't know, they reach out to each other. I have seen it. Wonderful! * I just wish the government would provide more.
56My support person for my adult son listens.
57So grateful for exposure in different situations and leaning process in social and home environment.
58It gives my child lots of social activity and he/she likes to be on the go and involved with people and lots of activity. It provides physical as well as social opportunities and he enjoys all of his/her outings.
59No change needed. All good!
60Flexibility in using funding.
61The financial help makes it possible to be involved in the community.
62It gives me respite relief so I can have some time to do things since being retired.
63Knowing I can come and go.
64We can talk private about stuff.
65Always helpful and listens.
66Getting visits and having her look after things.
67Being able to do activities that wouldn't be able to without.
69Reliable and commitment of the support workers.
70The Passport money helps me get involved with the community by volunteer. Thank you.
71Passport program gives respite to us allowing us to continue the ongoing care of our profoundly mentally handicapped daughter. It gives her outings for stimulation and physical exercise.
72That I get to do things I can't afford on my own.
73The best part is the ability to provide relief on the family as well the experience it provides to Carla by being able to get out and about.
74Being part of the community living programs and being able to go to swimming, movies, skating.
75We like that we can apply the very limited funding (passport) to his very expensive programing. We spend: transportation $456 per month, Programing $736 per month = $1192 per month = $14,304 per year. Our family member is only given $400 a year. We are aware that others receive so much more.
76Without the passport program xxx would not get these opportunities. It's so nice to see such a young vibrant woman be able to access and experience so much in the community. xxx is so amazing. She is kind, understanding and very easy to work with.
77It has provided community involvement for our daughter as well as creating social activities and life skills.
78Financial support to achieve better fitness/ healthy life and also reach much different activities and meeting new people in my community.
79Flexible and helps be more independent by helping with costs.
80Special Services at home supports Kelly so she can go socialize in the community with support of a worker.
81Passport gives my son a purpose in life. It enables him to be involved in the community with the support of his mediator. He is a much happier and content person when he is participating with the aid of his mediator in events, otherwise unattainable. We are very thankful for the support.
82Catulpa Support Workers are very good at looking after our daughter's needs.
83Needs are always met. Very professional. Very comfortable in asking questions or concerns.
84Thank you for helping me.
85Allowing the financial opportunity to be more community based.
86Passport services.
87It gives xxx the tools required to be a productive participant in the community while assisting him to meet goals that have been put in place. Thank you for assisting xxx in this fashion.
88xxx is always responsive and supportive and flexible.
89I work for xxx 2 days a week. I live my work helping others. The program gives me an opportunity to develop my skills helping others. I have earned several awards for being top volunteer.
90Allows me to be involved with my community and surrounding communities that I would not be able to be otherwise.
91I love all the workers. They always make us feel welcomed and always give good advice and information.
92Being able to talk to different mothers and learning things that I didn't know.
93I can hire one on one workers. I can have respite.
94Being able to talk to other moms. Getting advice and suggestions for program services.
95Good response time, helpful and supportive.
96Feeling supported and being ale to ask and receive resources to help my family.
97Allowing the financial opportunity to be more community based.
98Learning new things about the upcoming stages of my child's development. What to expect next.
99The ladies are nice and welcoming. They try and help me with my little one.
100I like that xxx finally has funding so that he can join the programs.
101I like e very part.
102One on one time.
103The staff.
104Continuity of staff.
105I Like the company Meal ideas/recipes Playtime and ideas.
106Incredible efficiency. Extremely polite staff.
107I like going on trips, Blue Jays Games.
108Meeting other moms, socializing with my daughter, new recipes.
109Receiving support from workers and connecting with other moms.
110Access to new and interesting meals for the kids.
111The help and advice.
112This program gives me the ability and parenting skills to care for my baby and it gives me skills on how to interact with your baby and keep your baby happy.
113The service, programs and staff are amazing. Program gets my children and I out of the house and involved with other moms/children, while providing us with useful information.
114Knowing I have support is great.
115Kids interaction with staff and others.
116Baby and I are able to get out of the house and interact with others.
117Meeting other moms.
118Best is being able to share and get help when I need it. My child has fun playing with other children.
119Like how we can ask for advice/information. Everyone has different opinions, but no one is judged.
120Info is timely and accurate. Not sure about other programs.
121Freedom to choose supports.
122I like that she comes to talk with me and I can be myself.
123The social aspect. The information that is provided The people
124I like that this program as allowed me to participate in horseback riding as well as to go on trips. This program has also allowed me to find work.
125The people.
126Doing things that I like that I might not otherwise have the opportunity to do.
127I like that I have passport dollars to access my community and variety of activities.
128Gives me a way to get out of the house. Allows my child to have fun. It helps me to learn new things while meeting new moms.
129Having time with my son. Meeting new people through socialIzing.
130I feel comfortable talking and asking questions.
131I love talking with other moms and staff and sharing my experiences.
132Staff has knowledge and connection to what my child needs. My son seems to be a little too active and staff helped to refer to specialist.
133Getting out of the community.
135All good.
136Letting me know all the services that are available to us. Keeping me informed on everything we can apply for and what is coming up.
137All the sports program's I can now go on because of my funding. I have met lot's of new friends. I have lot's more confidence. I am fitter and healthier and much happier.
138The free flowing discussions and openness.
139To help focus on supporting mother and child with their needs.
140xxx is very understanding.
141All the people in the program. my child is always happy to come and also when we leave.
142What I like best about being part of this service is getting together with all the moms and being able to talk about different things.
143I like being able to give my child an opportunity to play and learn without having me around. I enjoy hearing other moms stories and the support I receive.
144This program helps me get used to being groups.
145CAPC, I like that I have been able to go through the programs for the last 6 years with all three of my children.
146All the support they give and making me feel good about my parenting skills. as well as being a mentor for new moms to the program and helping new moms.
147I love the people, the at home feel, how everyone listen to my feeling and opinions. Most of all I love the staff 🙂
148Making friends with other moms, learning recipes, learning new skills.
149I really enjoy CAPC outings, I find that if I cant get out on Tuesday I can always see what the outing is on Thursday.
150CAPC is great for meeting new moms and great support when needed.
151Next Step and MotherCare have taught me a lot as I am a first time mom.
152Next Step The socialization with others and the information that is provided.
153Meeting other moms.
154We got an increase in funds this year and look forward to the many different things we can do w/the money.
155We are extremely happy about having xxx as our resource teacher. She has been an amazing help and is very good at what she does. Our son really likes her and is comfortable interacting with her.
156Always very helpful.
157Always very helpful.
158I like to meet other moms and socialize and practise my English. I learn more about the snacks for kids.
159I like to be with all the parents and get new ideas. Im comfortable.
161Socializes with other Moms.
162New recipe ideas.
163Gives me support and friends that I don't have at home.
164My children are included and well cared for.
165All the help that is there. They bring in people so you get all your answers.
167Information. Kind people.
168Transportation is covered. Everyone is friendly Very resourceful and helpful Great Program.
169I love the staff. They are always happy and supportive. I love connecting with other mothers and watching our kids play and grow.
170That it is consistent and unlike the Early Learner's Centre you got to meet the same moms over and over, so you can start to build friendships.
171Getting to know other parents. Getting out of the house.
172I like that there is staff to answer any question I could have. It is also great to be able to talk to other moms and get their feedback.
173That I can feel open and not feel afraid to open up.
174Meeting new people and seeing familiar faces.
175Meeting new friends, learning new things, the food.
176I've met a lot of great people here who have turned into great friends. The staff are always nice people. My two sons love coming to every program. Awesome selection of fruit and vegetables.
177Offers low income families food to keep baby healthy. Helps us learn about that to expect as kid grows.
178Meeting new people.
179Nobody judges you.
180I love everything.
181Getting help with free milk and fruits and veggies to help our. Also to get out and talk.
182MotherCare is a great program for moms and helps a lot of families.
183Help from my worker to understand the process.
184The most support I have had from Catulpa is with school and meetings and summer camps. that's where I find most helpful.
185Learning more that is available for us to make life easier, and more fun for our son. Thank you!!
186How it helps my son out and that our family can reach our goals.
187When I had xxx, she was great. She showed me how to do my banking and save money.
188I like very much that my son is able to participate in programs in the community. His world has opened up. He feels like he belongs within his day program, as well as in his community.
189I like that it helps me be able to afford and access activities and opportunities that I would not otherwise be able to take part in, due to my limited income. (Written with support).
190Currently thanks to passport I am taking Taekwondo lessons. I have enjoyed many outings in the community.
191Having choices with my funding.
192I couldn't live without it.
193I like how there are many different options.
194Catulpa supports my daughter and has provided excellent opportunities that improve and enhance her quality of life and in doing so also have positive effect for her son.
195Help me with letter to ODSP, help me with things I have no clue about. Help (child) in our daily life.
196I enjoy the friendly staff.
197Love working with xxx and xxx. Both are fun to work with and both have helped me with so much with my plans and dreams.
198I like being able to get out on my own once in a while and having a responsible worker take my place. I have 3 kids, 2 being on the spectrum, so it is enjoyable when I get to be me, instead of mom.
199I think the services provided are very helpful for my son and for myself. Thank you so much for helping me. It is a great program to help us with our needs.
200Involvement with Catulpa is related to Passport administration only.
201Because she lets me just be me.
202Passport Program provides funding for programs that would otherwise be inaccessible because of cost.
203That the staff process monthly claims so fast and always available to talk.
204Some relief for expense of adult access to community and relief for out family. Assistance to negotiate a very complex and difficult assistance system.
205Getting out and seeing things.
206I like the workers and courses they offer. I like being with other people.
207It helps me get out of the house more and enables me to do things I had only dreamed of doing. eg: Toronto Maple Leaf Hockey Game.
208xxx gets to cook in the kitchen to do serious cooking. Love volunteering at xxx. Looks forward to special events.
209Not really in any other programs. Would like to take advantage of funding but not quite sure what I can do.
210The opportunity to participate in the community, keep in touch with friends and learn new skills. An all round better quality of life.
211Financial aid in recreation pursuits.
212That there is support available. I also like the programs that are currently available such as YAK.
213I really like the opportunity to be out in the community with my worker doing outing.
214Availability is amazing, great support and encouraging worker. Appreciates financial support for transportation if needed.
215This program helps me out, for example: housing. My staff worker has helped me with housing and to build my confidence with other tenants in the building that were disrespectful.
216It just gives us a little help financially to allow my son to participate in camps and rec programs that we may not otherwise afford.
217I would like to say that xxx and xxx have always been there for me. They are kind and have always answered any questions I have had. They have reassured me when I have been doubtful of my ability to do what is right for xxx.
218The APSW program helps me a lot.
219(ACTIVITY) has helped (CHILD) so much over the years. He has learned respect for adults in this training, working with others, and has just earned his orange belt with one bar to show how far he has come in his training. He is now going to help cleaning mats and working with younger members of (ACTIVITY).
220I like the fun Programs and Things to do in the Community and buying New Equipment for my Sports.
221Gives me more community access, new stuff and a variety of fun things to do.
222Helps me to cope with having a child with disabilities.
223It allows my child to do more things with others while I can get time to myself, or get things done that I wouldn't otherwise be able to do. Thank you for all the support you have given me.
224This program lets me know the amount of respite funds available to use through the year, of which is very helpful in calculating monthly respite for my grandson.
225Passport help me get out with my support worker, and helps me to get to my job.
226Being able to do the things I want to do in the community.
227I have had the pleasure of wonderful workers who have been very helpful and supportive of my family's needs. It has been a pleasure to have such people involved in our journey.
228Help with camps, school, funding.
229Provides some funding to assist with respite care in the form of our son attending overnight camp.
230Passport funding allows me to get out into the community, ride the bus, go for ice cream etc. Or if I'm not feeling well, or the weather is bad, it allows me to do crafts at home, or look at books one-on-one with a worker. It's a great thing.
231What I like best about the Passport Program is that it helps me get out in the community and provides me with the opportunities to do what I like. It also helps build my confidence and social skills.
232What I like best about the Passport Program is that it builds my confidence and helps me get out in the community. It also helps me with my anxieties.
233I have always found all staff members helpful and they are there for you, when you need them.
234I find the resource workers we have had are very knowledgeable and make it easier to navigate through paperwork and the many other groups and networks involved as well as what we are actually entitled to and how to go about achieving it.
235Our son continues to grow and develop.
236Community involvement, feel needed and appreciated Independent living skills.
237Is how helpful and understanding everyone is with my child and with any questions I have! I'm able to help my child in any way he needs now that I am able to understand and have learned how to help my child understand as well.
238I don't feel so alone. If I need help I can call and get guidance to move forward. This journey is always changing and overwhelming and scary when you don't know where to turn. Catulpa helps me navigate through.
239It's great.
240She keeps track and looks after things with me.
241Is helpful, listens to me.
242It is Good APSW, we can talk about stuff together and work things out. Found me safe place to live.
243I know I can talk about everything and work out what I want with APSW
244Like meeting. Like help when I need it.
245Achieving goals and being made aware of goals to achieve.
246I like everything, everyone is so nice and patient. All works well with my children and meeting their needs. Answers any questions you may have and fast to get back to you.
247xxx is definitely a gold star employee. Love her attitude and caring ways. Can't say enough!
248Being listened to.
249My CURRENT Family Resource Worker.
250Very friendly Very helpful Love having the option of home visits She listens.
251Our case coordinator, xxx, is the perfect combination of knowledge, experience, support, understanding, and humour. She's a great fit for our family.
252Seeing an improvement each week with my son. They never give up on him when he is having a moment. We both look forward to coming. xxx. is amazing with how she handles my son and he loves seeing her. xxx - she's been great with him too.
253Having the support. Having multiple people motivated at xxx's progress.
254It's nice that Everything is coordinated by Resource Teacher ie OT, speech Therapist and daycare are using similar techniques to get to our goal. It's nice to have someone come to one of each appointment it's helpful as a parent to make sure you aren't getting conflicting info and resource teacher might pick up on something parent missed.
255Through the funding we are provided we are able to care for our Son at home.
256My child is progressing nicely and we actually have a relationship mow with my son.
257That it is very helpful for myself and my son.
258I don't think I would ever leave, they listen, they are awesome and it is a really good system that they have.
259We can talk in private.
260Knowing I can come and go when I want.
261Getting visits and having her look after things.
262Always helpful. Listens.
263Helped to identify a leaning need that my child has that could have otherwise been seen as just a behavioural issue.
264We wouldn't have known how to implement or help her progress with her condition if support wasn't available... she has made significant progress over the time period with her individual needs being addressed... she feels included and accepted... I am fearful of her loosing that acceptance when mixed with her peers at the local school.
265Seeing each other on a regular basis.
266My APSW is lovely, calm, asks what she can do for me, asks how I'm doing and Im happy.
267my APSW xxx is always nice to me, she always treats me with respect.
Q14. If you would you like to tell us what you like best about being part of another service or program, you can do so here.
Answer choicesResponses
MotherCare (Canada Prenatal Nutrition Program)16.00% | 4
CAPC (Community Action Plan for Children)40.00% | 10
APSW (Adult Protective Service Worker Program)4.00% | 1
TAY (Transitional Youth Program)8.00% | 2
Crisis Response Network Coordinator4.00% | 1
Passport Program12.00% | 3
Family Resource Program0.00% | 0
Resource Teacher Program8.00% | 2
Regional Complex Care Program4.00% | 1
Children's Respite Program8.00% | 2
Adult Respite Program8.00% | 2
WrapAround Program4.00% | 1
Intensive Service Coordination0.00% | 0
Total Respondents: 25

#What I like best is:
1Flexible in how money can be used.
2Connecting with other moms and receiving support from workers.
3I get to meet new moms and helps me learn new things. My child gets to have fun.
4I like to be with all the parents and get new ideas. Im comfortable there.
5Socializes with other moms.
6New recipe ideas.
7My children are included and well cared for.
8All the help that is there and that they bring in people so you get all your answers.
9The food.
10Information, kind people.
11Meeting new friends, learning new things, the food.
12The funding to help my adult daughter with participating in programs
13I haven't been informed of any other services available to my son other than respite.
14The allocation of resources to people who need help is still a mystery to me and I believe to many of the people providing these services. For that reason I believe that it is not even-handed and probably not fair. I know that there is a program underway to try to understand everyone's needs so resources can be spread in a fair manner but I have not heard much about how it is going and suspect that it is such a huge and overwhelming task that it may never be completed.
15Adult respite has always been a costly and big issue. Our son needs to be home rather than him going anywhere due to high anxiety issues and behaviours; we, his parents need to go and take the break.
16We love xxx, she is on leave right now but hope to have her back soon, xxx is doing a great job.
17Is how helpful and understanding everyone is with my child and with any questions I have! I'm able to help my child in any way he needs now that I am able to understand and have learned how to help my child understand as well.
18This program makes it possible for my son to attend summer camp . It helps us pay for a one to one support worker.
19Respite program.
20The help I get.
21My case manager rocks!
22I get connected with all types of programs to learn different things that benefit my family.
23When she comes to visit and helps me, when she cooks and brings me shopping and going on drives.

Partners in Advocacy

Results and Accomplishments

Catulpa Community Support Services works hard to advocate for those we support, but this process isn’t simply a one-way street flowing outwards from us.

It is actually a super highway, with information and ideas racing back and forth as we work in partnership with each person and family to improve services and supports and work towards important goals.The 2017 Annual Survey of Persons Served is an example of this partnership in advocacy.

sign showing two way direction on streetAlthough we generally achieved outstanding results, three areas for improvement were identified by respondents.  After reviewing the comments and responses, we agreed. There was a gap in the services we provided to those in our community.  Since then, it’s been a busy year of innovation as we responded to the valuable feedback we received.

Enhance Resource Information and Feedback Communication

The survey results showed us there was a need for better communication links between the people and families we support and our agency. We took this to heart.

We knew our website was dated and didn’t have much of the information people were searching for, so when we started working on our new website, we made sure to include readily available feedback access, with a choice of an online feedback form, email address or phone number.  Not only can feedback about services or programs be given, accessibility and French language services is also reviewable.  We also expanded agency and community resource links and information for those reaching out to us.

Our updated program brochures include feedback and contact information, as well as our website and Facebook page addresses.  Our Facebook pages have become important links between the agency and our community as timely resources and information are shared.

We ensure each person and family entering our services is aware of all available resource options and how they may provide feedback. We also make certain everyone understands that feedback of any type is always welcome as we work together in partnership.

Promotion of Agency Services and Programs

During the survey, several people told us they were not aware of all the programs and services we offered and felt we could do a better job with promotion. We took this comment and ran with it during the recent revamp of our website and program materials.

Starting with our 2016-17 Annual General Report where an overview of each program and service and their eligibility requirement was included, through new program brochures that not only describe the individual program in full detail, but also include an overview of all of our programs and services, to our revitalized website, we are working hard to promote our programs and services to those supported by our agency and the community at large so information is known and informed decisions can be made.

Funding Information

This theme came through loud and clear during the survey. Families and individuals told us they didn’t know where to go for funding or what was available. They wanted to know what resources were available in their communities and how we could advocate together for better supports. This went beyond the programs and services provided by us.

The frustration included how to navigate the system to access other funding services and programs. We have worked hard to provide the information needed with new sections within our website. Three new sections-Navigating the System for children and adults, Self-Advocacy and Inclusive Recreation, together with Funding links included in our Resources section, provide information about self-advocating, how to access services and what is available when you are looking for additional programs and services. As changes to the Passport Program rolled out in 2018, we also provided information sessions for families and caregivers about Direct Funding. This is in addition to Resource Days, an ongoing event where we meet with families looking for local support service information.