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Transitional Aged Youth Coordination iconTRANSITIONAL AGED YOUTH COORDINATION

About TAY Coordination

The Transitional Aged Youth (TAY) Coordinator supports individuals transitioning from Extended Society Care or Regional Complex Care of Simcoe County.

As young adults approach the age of eighteen, the transition to adult services can be stressful and confusing. The TAY Coordinator helps ensure that youth nearing the age of transition, families and service providers are provided with the information, choices and resources needed for a successful transition.

The TAY Coordinator develops an individualized transition plan for the young adult moving from children’s services to the adult system. This plan identifies responsibilities of individuals, families and service providers as the transition of services occurs. The plan is based on the young adult’s eligibility, goals and strengths, assessed needs and available resources.

Involvement of the TAY Coordinator (for Child and Extended Society Care ((CESC)) and Regional Complex Care TAY only), can begin as early as fourteen years of age. This allows time to support the individual and family in preparing for the transition to adult services and to ensure required supporting documentation (assessments, identifications, etc.) are in place prior to sixteen years of age.


The Role of the Catulpa TAY Coordinator

Provides information and support to the young adult, family and team to ensure a successful linkage and transition between the child and adult systems

Works in coordination with the Child in Care Worker and/or Case Manager during different stages of transition to adult services

Identifies the transition age youth’s future goals and support needs in an individual and flexible transition plan. Transition planning includes all team members – the young adult, family, school, case manager, behaviour supports, supporting agency, etc.

Transition planning includes:

      • Behavioural support needs,
      • Health/medical/dietary needs,
      • Schooling, job readiness,
      • Supports for Activities of Daily Living (ADL’s),
      • Communication and environmental considerations, and
      • Financial, family and moving considerations (furniture, etc.)

TAY Coordination Services are available to youth age fourteen years and older, and within Extended Society Care or Children’s Complex Care in Simcoe County. Referral to TAY Coordination is through the Child in Care Worker or a Regional Complex Care Case Manager only.

Funding is provided by Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services. There is no fee for this service for eligible individuals.

For More Information

For more information about TAY Coordination, please speak with your Case Manager or contact Tammy Ingram by phone at (705) 733-3227 x 2504 -OR- email at tingram@catulpa.on.ca 

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